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Alain Destexhe

UNIC, CNRS, France


Wednesday 9 June 2010




Seminar Room B10 (Basement)

Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AR


Neuronal "noise", from single cells to populations and from experiments to models

This talk will cover the characterization of neuronal "noise" at different levels and scales of investigation. It will first review the experimental characterization of network activity states in vivo in both anesthetized and awake preparations. These experiments suggest that this activity is in many ways similar to "noise", and that single neurons are driven by this activity in high-conductance states. Models have been designed to predict the integrative properties of neurons in such states. This exploration was done conjointly with dynamic-clamp experiments in which models interact in real time with living cells. Several principles of computation specific to such states will be discussed. Finally, network aspects of high-conductance states will be examined, with the aim of synthesizing how far models can account for experimental observations.