Bruno Averbeck Data limitations on information estimates in large neuronal populations
Jeff Beck Bayes' optimal inference, decision making, and learning with Probabilistic Population Codes
Loren Frank Coordinated reactivation of hippocampal cell assemblies during learning
Surya Ganguli Spikes, synapses, learning and memory in simple networks
Ken Harris How do neurons work together? Insights from auditory cortex.
Stefan Häusler Superposition of information in large ensembles of neurons in primary visual cortex
Rob Kass Statistical models for spike trains: some thoughts on the current situation
Jutta Kretzberg Multiplexing of visual information by spike rate and latency encoding in retinal ganglion cells
Christian Machens Low-dimensional network models for recordings from the prefrontal cortex
Sheila Nirenberg The role of oscillations in the Hippocampal formation
John O'Keefe Ruling out and ruling in neural codes
Roger Ratcliff Modeling behavioural reaction time (RT) data and neural firing rates
Alex Roxin Extracting functional connectivity from simultaneous Ca2+ imaging of large numbers of neurons
Krishna Shenoy Extracting dynamical structure embedded in premotor cortical activity
Jon Shlens Spatial organization of large-scale concerted activity in the primate retina
Thanos Siapas Decoupling through synchrony in hippocampal networks
Matt Smith Stimulus and distance dependence of neuronal correlation in macaque primary visual cortex
Sara Solla Decoding neural signals for the control of movement
Benjamin Staude Detecting the existence of higher-order correlations in massively parallel spike trains
Alex Thiele Mechanisms and neuropharmacology of visual attention in primate V1
Andreas Tolias Population codes, correlations and coding uncertainty

Misha Ahrens A new class of neural encoding models for high dimensional stimuli and nonlinear contextual effects
Adrian Ponce Alvarez Performance of different local measures of spike time variability and estimating internal state dynamics of cortical neurons.
Carlo Baldassi Efficient supervised learning in networks with binary synapses
Francesca Barbieri Irregular persistent activity induced by synaptic excitatory feedback
Philipp Berens Near-maximum entropy models for binary neural representations of natural images
Laurent Bonnasse-Gahot Population coding of categories
Hideyuki Cateau Interplay between a phase response curve and an activity-dependent rewiring rule of neurons leads to wireless clustering
John Cunningham Inferring Neural Firing Rates from Spike Trains Using Gaussian Processes
Alexander Ecker Studying the effects of noise correlations on population coding using a sampling method
Udo Ernst Attention improves object encoding in monkey area V4
Joseph Feingold A method for recording neural activity simultaneously from independently moveable, chronically implanted electrodes in cortical and sub-cortical areas of monkeys.
Kai Gansel Repeating spatiotemporal spike patterns reflect functional network states in the visual cortex
Boris Gourevitch Evaluating information transfer between neurons: a different view on causality and integration within neuron assemblies
Arnulf Graf Decoding responses from populations of neurons in macaque primary visual cortex
Sonja Gruen Extracting synfire correlation structure from massively parallel recordings
Kosuke Hamaguchi Stable, highly irregular persistent activity induced by colored noise
Shinsuke Koyama Laplace's method in neural decoding
Clement Lena High frequency organization and synchrony of activity in the Purkinje cell layer of the cerebellum
Máté Lengyel Back to the future: episodic memories for control
Eirini Mavritsaki Decomposing neural circuits using model-based analysis: Applying the sSoTS model to fMRI data.
Alberto Mazzoni Dynamics of spontaneous activity in neuronal networks
Lucal Parra STDP results from neural dynamics, and not from a specific optimality criterion
Erez Persi The effect of single neuron properties and input diversity on the contrast response function in v1
Adrien Peyrache Time course of reactivation of memory-related cell ensembles in the rat medial prefrontal cortex during sleep.
Fabio Rigat Sequential non-parametric change-point detection for time series models: assessing the functional dynamics of neuronal networks
Valerie Ventura Spike train decoding without spike sorting
Thilo Womelsdorf Neuronal synchronization underlies effective inter-areal interactions in visual cortex

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