Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit


PhD Applications


Applications to the Gatsby unit must include a transcript for all previous degrees, giving a breakdown of module/course results, as well as a grade point average (GPA) or similar cumulative mark. This document should be provided by your university at your request and provides in-depth information regarding your academic performance. If you have not yet completed a degree, please provide a transcript of your progress to date.

At the time of initial application, an unofficial transcript is acceptable. If the transcript is not in English, please provide a translation. If your university does not provide a transcript, please list all subjects and courses studied, along with marks obtained. Please indicate clearly the range of possible marks and GPA, as well as whether lower or higher numbers indicate better performance. If statistical information on the fraction of students at your university who obtain each grade is available, please provide (a pointer to) this.

If offered a place at Gatsby, your application will be forwarded to the UCL graduate school. At that time you will need to provide an official transcript, along with a certified translation if appropriate.

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