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Simpler Cognitive Systems

24 - 26 November 2008

By invitation only

Venue: B10 Seminar Room, Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AR

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Supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation

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For the workshop, we are hoping to bring together an interesting selection of people working in and around this topic from a number of perspectives. Although one may debate both the meaning and the current usage of the term cognition, many of the capabilities being investigated by cognitive neuroscientists have direct parallels in non-mammalian species. These capabilities include active sensation, pattern recognition, motor pattern generation, multimodal integration, sensori-motor coordinate transformation, navigation, prediction, planning, navigation, communication, learning, and decision.. Simpler systems offer opportunities to define these processes and place them in their biological context. Furthermore, new molecular, behavioural and theoretical techniques are creating exciting opportunities to establish basic operational principles, discover mechanisms, and investigate their evolution.

Organisers: Simon Laughlin and Rachel Howes
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