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Unilever '96 Dedication!!
Ode To Caves Lane And All Who Have Lived Within

The Posse - oooh, doesn't Fiona look so sweet!

And so now the summer is over,
And it's time to pack up and go back,
The samples at last, can all be thrown away,
And the test tubes put back on the rack.

We've had some good fun while we've been here,
Even if it's at others' expense,
There's been plenty of laughs and not too many tears,
And nobody sat on the fence.

There's also been regular exercise,
With plenty of trips down the park,
Well at least there was fun in the first week,
Since then we've just been "down The Park".

The beers have been free and flowing,
Although "free" isn't really the word,
Yet the price of a pint did not put us off,
So we drank 'til our vision was blurred.

And then there's been loads that were "LuvDup",
Although some more than others I know,
Secretly sneaking off somewhere,
For a kiss and a hug and a blow.

The birthdays that turned up seemed endless,
I could swear many dates claimed were fake,
But at least that meant tons of rejoicing,
And platefuls and platefuls of cake.

The time has now come to start crying,
Or smile if you're feeling relieved,
It hasn't been bad, it's been brilliant,
Not as crap as we may have believed.

Goodbye to the Caves Lane Hostel,
May we all miss each other to bits,
Goodbye to the three who weren't in the labs,
And goodbye to the wonderful SVITs.

Good luck.
Stu Richards