So first let me say thanks for coming, and I hope you all had a good time (I know Cassie did!) But for those of you who didn't come, or can't remember, here are a bunch of pictures gathered from various people. We have more pictures and videos to come, and also at some point we'll have the professional ones up somewhere for you to peruse!

All the links are to 800x600 sizes, but I have all the full-sized originals if you want them (or just remove the '_sm' part of the filename). Thanks to Mara Creswell, John McGrann, Chris Burrows, Andy Brown, Rob Leah, Sally Burke, Anne McGrann, Heather Muse and Mike Burmeister (so far...)

The Professionals' take:-

Mara Creswell and John McGrann:-

Matt's snaps:-

Andy Brown:-

Chris Burrows:-

Rob Leah:-

Sally Burke:-

Anne McGrann:-

Heather Muse and Mike Burmeister:-