5th November 2007 — Poisson Processes Chapter 9

This week, we will finish reading the Poisson Processes book of Kingman with Chapter 9, The Poisson-Dirichlet Distribution.

J.F.C Kingman, Poisson Processes, Oxford Studies in Probability, 1993.

We will also decide on the list of NIPS papers to discuss for next week. Please have a look at this year's NIPS papers and choose at least two to propose.

Table of Contents

1. Stochastic Models for Random Sets of Points
2. Poisson Processes in General Spaces
3. Sums Over Poisson Processes
4. Poisson Processes on the Line
5. Marked Poisson Processes
6. Cox Processes
7. Stochastic Geometry
8. Complete Random Measures
9. The Poisson-Dirichlet Distribution.