12th November 2007 — Pre-NIPS Highlights

We will discuss some papers from this year's NIPS. Each member of the MLJC gets to present a paper. We will try to go through as many papers as possible. Below is a list of papers that will be presented:

* Michalis K. Titsias.The infinite gamma-Poisson feature model. (Frank)

* Nathaniel Daw and Aaron Courville.The rat as a particle filter. (Adam)

* M. Pawan Kumar, V. Kolmogorov and P.H.S. Torr An Analysis of Convex Relaxations for MAP Estimation. (Yee Whye)

* P. Ravikumar, H. Liu, J. Lafferty, L. Wasserman SpAM: Sparse Additive Models. (Ricardo)

* Lashkari, Golland Covex Clustering with Exemplar-Based Models (John)