dandelion bumblebee boonton, nj In the short life I've led thusfar I've been very lucky. By traveling around the world alone for eight months, I've seen more of the world and it's people than I ever thought I would. Doing so remains the most valuable experience of my life -- one that I wish everyone could share. It is my belief that cultural exchange through travel might be the missing key to empathetic diplomacy, religious and racial tolerance, and cultural preservation.
My fiancee' Karen and I are lucky to have friends who recently moved to Lima, Peru. We have taken two trips to visit them and have explored their beautiful country quite extensively. Here is a small sample of pictures from the first trip:

incan women outside of cusco, peru
bridge between victoria falls, zimbabwe and livingstone, zambia My most fantastic experience, trying and beautiful at once, was the 8 month trip around the world in 2001. A severely incomplete remnant of the webpage I made for the journey is here. For those considering a round-the-world solo backpacking adventure, it might serve as a template for what you want to have available in your pack and online in case of an emergency. For those who might be interested in a deeper understanding of the experience, read the letters.