The MLJC schedule is always flexible, put down your say on the wiki. The machine on which the wiki is hosted is subject to change,

the URL to bookmark for the MLJC page on the wiki is

I figure using the “wiki” site should be easy, but if you are unsure you can play with editing at More information is at

If you are outside the Gatsby firewall there are two options:

General tunneling method

ssh -D 1080

Configure your browser to use localhost port 1080 as your SOCKS 5 proxy and to use it for remote DNS. In firefox set the proxy in (Edit|Preferences|General|Connection Settings). Then type about:config<ENTER> in the location bar and turn on the network.proxy.socks_remote_dns option. Now all your web browsing (including https://) will automagically go via Gatsby. In particular the above links should Just Work.

If you do this sort of tunneling a lot and need to quickly toggle proxy settings then the SwitchProxy firefox extension might help.

My old tunneling recommendation

ssh -L

Windows people can do this in Cygwin or putty allows forwarding through its GUI. Then go to: http://localhost:5555/wiki/MLJC_scratch_pad, http://localhost:5555/wiki/Example_page or http://localhost:5555/wiki/Sand_box. instead.