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Unofficial Gatsby Weekly Schedule, autumn 2004


11am–1pmUnsupervised LearningTheoretical NeuroscienceUnsupervised LearningTheoretical Neuroscience
1pm–2pmUnsupervised Learning
review session
2–3pmSupervised Learning
Journal Club
FootballNLDS Journal ClubTheoretical Neuroscience
review session
3:45–Tea (with research talk)TeaTeaTea

Journal Clubs

Tuesdays 2–tea, Alexandra House 4th Floor

Journal clubs will probably happen less frequently this term. The current plan is to alternate Machine Learning Journal Club with the Neuroscience one on Tuesdays.

Bryon and Maneesh’s non-linear dynamical systems reading group will run for the first few weeks of term at 2pm on Thursdays.

Supervised Learning

Mondays 3–5pm, Computer Science Dept.

The first lecture is on Wednesday 6th October in the basement of Alexandra House. Thereafter it will be in Computer Science as advertised. See the course web page for full information.


Every day from 3:45pm

Gatsby tea has its own home. This term the usual schedule will be disrupted slightly. In addition to the research talk day change, it’s been suggested that the day Alex and Mary do tea should move from Wednesday to Monday.

Theoretical Neuroscience

Tuesdays and Fridays 11am–1pm, Alexandra House 4th Floor

The first lecture is on Friday 8th October. More information here. Quentin will run the Friday revision sessions.

Unsupervised Learning

Mondays and Thursdays 11am–1pm, Alexandra House 4th Floor

The first lecture is on Thursday 7th October. All information is on Zoubin’s course page. Katherine will run the Wednesday revision sessions.


Wednesdays 2–tea

Not strictly a teaching activity. Contact Peter Latham to get on the mailing list.

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