Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit

Redundant Equipment Clearout (Updated May 2008)

The Unit is clearing out old, redundant, surplus and/or broken computer equipment. We are seeking to recover any residual value but will accept any reasonable offers. If you want anything for free please ask, but you must collect.


  1. The items must be collected by the buyer but only once payment has cleared.
  2. No warranty is implied - they are sold 'as is' purely as scrap.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, all items were working at the time they were taken out of service.
  4. It is up to you to test or otherwise verify the safety of any items especially those running off mains electricity.
  5. Items sold externally to UCL will attract VAT.
  6. Larger orders and bigger offers will receive preference in the case of a tied or close bid.
  7. Requests for free items are perfectly acceptable especially from universities, charities or open-source groups but offers will defer to highest bid.
In the first instance, e-mail your offer to; sysadmin 'at' clearly stating the item(s) you are interested in. Please put 'clearout' somewhere in the subject line.

Payments will be by IDT (internal to UCL) or by cheque. If you don't pay reasonably promptly the goods may be offered to the next bidder.
This page is updated on a weekly basis as items are added and/or removed.


  1. HP Opteron CPUs  for DL585
  2. SCSI JBOD Enclosure
  3. Hot-swap SCSI trays for 5.25" drive bays
  4. SCSI adaptors and terminators
  5. Under-desk keyboard drawer
  6. Compaq/HP Media Kits for Tru64 and OpenVMS

HP ProLiant DL585 1.6 GHz Opteron 842 CPU/Memory board (4 off) 

These CPU/Memory boards are pulls from a working machine. They contain single core CPUs and no memory is supplied. These will be sold either in pairs or as a set of four. I believe the part numbers are 359706-B21 but I will need to verify this.

Ultra SCSI JBOD Enclosure (2 off)

These are Trimm UltraRAID enclosures (UR8J2-4xxx). Each is 3U high and 8-way with a split backplane and take LVD SCSI drives with 80-pin SCA-2 connectors.
SCSI IDs are adjustable. The enclosures contain a miscellany of Seagate drives which are about 5-6 years old. These will be preferentially sold with the enclosures.
There are four 68pin D connectors at the rear. It has dual hot-swapable PSUs.

Hot-Swap SCSI Trays (for 5.25" bays) (Set of 3)

These are StorCase Data Express part number DE100i RSWC160. They have 68pin D connectors and take 80-pin SCA drives.
They will be sold together as a set of three. If I can find one to hand, I'll throw in a suitable internal SCSI cable and possibly a teminator.

Image of DE100

SCSI Adaptors

68D female to 68 D female adaptor (can connect cables together) (2 off)

Converts 68D connector devices to VHDCI type, allowing VHDCI cables to be used (8 off).

VHDCI Cluster connector / splitter  (enables connecting SCSI bus between cluster hosts) (circa 6 off)
Made by Amphenol (4957001 2600)


SCSI Terminators (LVD/SE)

HP C2370A VHDCI half-pitch 68, Active (2 off)

Generic LVD/SE - VHDCI half-pitch (2 off)

Generic LVD/SE 68D female (2 off)

Under-Desk Keyboard Drawer (1 off & spare)

Allows you to mount a keyboard under a desk. Brand-new unused (comes with a spare which has been used).
MicroComputer Accessories Inc., Part# M6110 (circa 56x36x8cm)

Compaq/HP Tru64 & OpenVMS Media Kits

Most of these have now gone but please ask. Assorted media kits for Tru64 and OpenVMS. Versions are roughly 5.1A/5.1B2 for Tru64 and 7.1 to 7.3 for OpenVMS. There may be other versions.
Media kits vary; full OS, software product libraries and documentation CDs. No licenses are included so you'll need to sort those out yourself.
It would be preferable to dispose of all of these together or possibly via a Tru64 / OpenVMS split.

Also Netscape Enterprise Server packages (for many platforms) - version 3.6. Antique indeed.

Rag Bag

PC100 128MB DIMMs
IDE cables
Internal & external SCSI cables
Floppy drive cables
PS/2 keyboards and mice (extremely grimey but functioning)
ATX enclosures ('midi' style) with/without PSUs
Rack mount ATX enclosures (4U) with/without PSUs, no side rail
DEC H8571-J female DB9 RS232 to MMJ adapter (a few lying around)

These are too numerous or too tedious to list in any detail. Neither are they tested or validated in any way. If you need something along these lines just ask. Most of these will be free, you just need to collect - although requests for single items are likely to be turned down. Please order in bulk.

*BROKEN* Epson EPL N2050 Mono Laser Printer *BROKEN* (1 off)

Mono PostScript laser printer. Fuser needs replaced. The remaining components are believed to work fully. May be suitable for spares if the fuser not fixed.

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