Copies should be handed in at the end of the lecture if possible, acceptable deadline up to 19h.

Please hand in a printed copy and send an electronic version (with code of implementations, if applicable) to both TAs.

Latex/Word typeset handouts are highly encouraged. TAs reserve themselves the right to remove points for illegible/messy handouts.

Link Subject Due date Additional files Comments
Homework 1BiophysicsOctober 12st
Homework 2BiophysicsOctober 26th hwk2data.mat
Homework 3SystemsNovember 6th hwk3_image.bmp
Homework 4Neural codingNovember 13th
Homework 5Neural codingNovember 21st linNeuron.m lnpNeuron.m lnpNeuron2.m
Homework 6Neural coding + RLDecember 3rd
Homework 7-preliminary Last QuestionHebbian LearningDecember 3nd Only Q1 + Q2
Homework 9NetworksDecember 14th

Review sessions

During those sessions, we will cover some mathematics needed for the homeworks and comment previous assignments.

If you'd like anything discussed, please send an email to the TAs.