Date Subject Lecturer Additional
Oct 2thIntroduction to TNPELslides.ppt slides.pdf
Oct 5thBiophysics IPEL Nullcline analysis reading: Excitability book chapter and (only) Fig 3 of this paper
Oct 9thBiophysics IIPEL
Oct 12thNo Lecture - SFNPEL
Oct 16thNo Lecture - SFNPEL
Oct 19thBiophysics IIIPEL
Oct 23stBiophysics IVPEL
Oct 26thSystems IMShandout
Oct 30thSystems IIMS
Nov 2ndNeural Coding IMShandout
Nov 6thInformation TheoryPEL
Nov 9thNeural Coding IIMShandout
Nov 13thNeural Coding IIIMS
Nov 16thNeural Coding IVMS
Nov 20thHebbian LearningPDslides
Nov 23thNeural Coding VMS
Nov 27thReinforcement LearningPD
Nov 30thSensory decision-makingPD
Dec 4thUncertaintyPD
Dec 7thDynamics IPEL
Dec 11thDynamics IIPEL
Dec 14thDynamics IIIPEL
Dec 17thNo Lecture
Dec 18thNo Lecture



Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, 2th Oct - 18th Dec 2012
Time: 11:00 - 13:00