Date Subject Lecturer Additional
Oct 1thIntroduction to TNPELPEL lecture notes webpage
Oct 4thBiophysics IPEL Nullcline analysis reading: Excitability book chapter and (only) Fig 3 of this paper hV nullclines
Oct 8thBiophysics IIPEL
Oct 11thBiophysics IIIPEL
Oct 15thBiophysics IVPELltp linear algebra notes
Oct 18thHebbian LearningPD
Oct 22stSystemsPEL
Oct 25thNeural Coding IPEL
Oct 29thNeural Coding IIPEL
Nov 1ndNeural Coding IIIPEL
Nov 5thNeural Coding IVMS
Nov 8thNeural Coding VMS
Nov 12thHebbian learningPDslides
Nov 15thInformation theoryPDnotes
Nov 19thReinforcement LearningPDslides
Nov 22thSensory decision-makingPD
Nov 26thUncertaintyPD
Nov 29thDynamics IPEL
Dec 3thDynamics IIPEL
Dec 6thDynamics IIIPEL



Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, 1th Oct - 6th Dec 2013
Time: 11:00 - 13:00