CNS*2003 Workshops

University Miquel Hernández, 8-9 July 2003

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The final two days of the CNS*2003 meeting will be devoted to workshops focusing on current issues in computational neuroscience. This is a substantially larger fraction of the meeting than in recent years, and the organization of the workshops will change emphasis to reflect this.

We are soliciting an increased number of pre-organized, 1 or 2 day mini-symposia and tutorials, in addition to the traditional informal discussions. These more formal workshops will provide an excellent opportunity for short, focused meetings on topics of particular current interest. Individual organizers are largely free to define the format and content of their workshops, provided that some time is reserved for discussion.

Those interested in organizing a mini-symposium or tutorial are encouraged to contact the overall workshops organizer, Maneesh Sahani, at as soon as possible.

Instructions for formal submission of workshop proposals can be found here.

Click here for the current list of workshops.

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