AI & Statistics 2005


Poster Session 3


Saturday January 8 


  1. Greedy Spectral Embedding
    Marie Ouimet and Yoshua Bengio
  2. Dirichlet Enhanced Latent Semantic Analysis
    Kai Yu, Shipeng Yu and Volker Tresp
  3. Semi-Supervised Classification by Low Density Separation
    Olivier Chapelle and Alexander Zien
  4. FastMap, MetricMap, and Landmark MDS are all Nystrom Algorithms
    John Platt
  5. On Manifold Regularization
    Misha Belkin, Partha Niyogi and Vikas Sindhwani
  6. Approximations with Reweighted Generalized Belief Propagation
    Wim Wiegerinck
  7. Streaming Feature Selection using IIC
    Lyle H. Ungar, Jing Zhou, Dean P. Foster and Bob A. Stine
  8. Bayesian Conditional Random Fields
    Yuan Qi, Martin Szummer and Tom Minka
  9. Toward Question-Asking Machines:
    The Logic of Questions and the Inquiry Calculus

    Kevin Knuth
  10. Variational Speech Separation of More Sources than Mixtures
    Steven J. Rennie, Kannan Achan, Brendan J. Frey
  11. Structured Variational Inference Procedures and their Realizations
    Dan Geiger and Chris Meek
  12. Fast maximum a-posteriori inference on Monte Carlo state spaces
    Mike Klaas, Dustin Lang and Nando de Freitas