Gatsby tea schedule

The latest tea list is here. Also available in ical format or iCalendar format(see below).

Please arrange all swaps yourselves.

You may find the guide for the perplexed on tea duties and times useful.

Suggestions regarding the Gatsby tea schedule (other than swaps) should go to Arthur Guez.

Automated emails

You should get automated emails reminding you of your duties.

Tea subject archives

A list of the topics covered in each tea talk is available here. It is generated automatically, when people reply to automated emails sent after talks to gather information.

ical list

Note by ical, I mean the fairly old but functional Unix program, not the new ical/vcal format used by Apple's ical, evolution and so on. Also note that I don't actually use ical, so I haven't tested this feature of the list much. I've changed the format from the old system so that it should give sensible alarm reminders.

All lists by start date

Older lists are available at Eric's tea page.