Laurence Aitchison
12/07/2016Elena Zamfir Separate circuitries encode the hedonic and nutritional values of sugar Tellez et al (2016)
05/07/2016Hideaki Shimazaki Higher-order interactions of neural populations
28/06/2016Kiyohito Iigaya Orbitofrontal Cortex Value Signals Depend on Fixation Location during Free Viewing Vincent et al (2016)
14/06/2016Federico Mancinelli Neuronal remapping and circuit persistence in economic decisions Xie et al (2016)
31/05/2016Kevin Li Complete Transfer of Perceptual Learning across Retinal Locations Enabled by Double Training Xiao et al (2008)
24/05/2016Carsen Stringer Opening Holes in the Blanket of Inhibition: Localized Lateral Disinhibition by VIP Interneurons Karnani et al (2016)
17/05/2016Gaurav Venkataraman Cell Types, Network Homeostasis, and Pathological Compensation from a Biologically Plausible Ion Channel Expression Model O`Leary et al (2014)
03/05/2016Eszter Vértes Robust neuronal dynamics in premotor cortex during motor planning Li et al (2016)
26/04/2016Jozsef Fiser Implications of hierarchical sampling-based probabilistic internal representations on cross-modal learning and top-down effects in the cortex
12/04/2016Peter Latham Sloppiness in Spontaneously Active Neuronal Networks Panas et al (2015)
05/04/2016Arne Meyer Mapping Sub-Second Structure in Mouse Behavior Wiltschko et al (2015)
22/01/2016Mehdi Keramati Optimal Behavioral Hierarchy Solway et al (2015)
15/03/2016Vincent Adam Attentive Tracking of Sound Sources Woods and McDermott (2016)
08/03/2016Alex Antrobus Efficient codes and balanced networks Denève and Machens (2016)
23/02/2016Angus Chadwick An excitatory basis for divisive normalization in visual cortex Sato et al (2016)
16/02/2016Sanjeevan Ahilan Flexible Shaping: How learning in small steps helps Krueger and Dayan (2009)
09/02/2016Gergo Bohner A Quantitative Description of Dendritic Conductances and Its Application to Dendritic Excitation in Layer 5 Pyramidal Neurons Almog and Korngreen (2014)
02/02/2016Joana Soldado Magraner Origins of choice-related activity in mouse somatosensory cortex Yang et al (2016)
26/01/2016Kevin Lloyd Neuronal Reward and Decision Signals: From Theories to Data Schultz (2015)
19/01/2016Maneesh Sahani Competing Neural Ensembles in Motor Cortex Gate Goal-Directed Motor Output Zagha et al (2015)
12/01/2016Alireza Alemi Optimizing information storage in recurrent neural networks using a three-threshold learning rule
15/12/2015Carsen Stringer Flexible Sensory Representations in Auditory Cortex Driven by Behavioral Relevance Kato et al (2015)
08/12/2015Elena Zamfir Medial prefrontal cortical activity reflects dynamic re-evaluation during voluntary persistence McGuire and Kable (2015)
01/12/2015Eszter Vertes Inferring learning rules from distributions of firing rates in cortical neurons Lim et al (2015)
24/11/2015Peter Dayan Anterior cingulate engagement in a foraging context reflects choice difficulty, not foraging value Shenhav et al (2014)
17/11/2015Kyohito IIgaya Task switching Monsell (2003)
10/11/2015Peter Latham Modelling Odor Decoding in the Antennal Lobe by Combining Sequential Firing Rate Models with Bayesian Inference Rivera et al (2015)
03/11/2015Arne Meyer Thalamic control of sensory selection in divided attention Wimmer et al (2015)
27/10/2015Federico Mancinelli Dopamine Is Required for the Neural Representation and Control of Movement Vigor Panigrahi et al (2015)
20/10/2015Mehdi Keramati Habitual control of goal selection in humans Cushman and Morris (2015)
06/10/2015Vincent Adam A Bayesian observer model constrained by efficient coding can explain ‘anti-Bayesian’ percepts Wei et al (2015)
07/07/2015Rei Akaishi Neural Mechanisms Credit Assignment with Hypothesis
23/06/2015Gaurav Venkataraman Sloppiness in Spontaneously Active Neuronal Networks Panas et al (2015)
16/06/2015Carsen Stringer An acetylcholine-activated microcircuit drives temporal dynamics of cortical activity Chen et al (2015)
09/06/2015Elena Zamfir Belief about nicotine selectively modulates value and reward prediction error signals in smokers Gua et al (2014)
02/06/2015Eszter Vertes Dynamic Control of Response Criterion in Premotor Cortex during Perceptual Detection under Temporal Uncertainty Carnevale et al (2015)
26/05/2015Peter Dayan The Habenulo-Raphe Serotonergic Circuit Encodes an Aversive Expectation Value Essential for Adaptive Active Avoidance of Danger Amo et al (2014)
19/05/2015Kyohito IIgaya Economic choices reveal probability distortion in macaque monkeys Stauffer et al (2015)
12/05/2015Peter Latham Performance-optimized hierarchical models predict neural responses in higher visual cortex Yamins et al (2014)
08/05/2015Emily Mackevicius Aligning auditory and motor representations of syllable onsets in songbird vocal learning
28/04/2015Ben Dongsung Huh A temporal basis for predicting the sensory consequences of motor commands in an electric fish Kennedy et al (2014)
21/04/2015Perdo Goncalves Spatial Patterns of Persistent Neural Activity Vary with the Behavioral Context of Short-Term Memory Daie (2015)
10/04/2015Federico Mancinelli Model-based choices involve prospective neural activity Doll et al (2015)
03/04/2015Mehdi Keramati Dopamine reward prediction error responses reflect marginal utility Stauffer et al (2014)
27/03/2015 The Stabilized Supralinear Network: A Unifying Circuit Motif Underlying Multi-Input Integration in Sensory Cortex Rubin et al (2015)
27/02/2015Joana Soldado Magraner Three-dimensional head-direction coding in the bat brain Finkelstein et al (2014)
20/02/2015Gergo Bohner Restoring the sense of touch with a prosthetic hand through a brain interface Tabot et al (2014)
13/02/2015Thomas Drsautels Closed-loop decoder adaptation shapes neural plasticity for skillful neuroprosthetic control Orsborne et al (2014)
06/02/2015Arne Meyer Encoding and decoding in parietal cortex during sensorimotor decision-making Park (2014)
30/01/2015Kevin Lloyd Opponent Actor Learning (OpAL): Modeling Interactive Effects of Striatal Dopamine on Reinforcement Learning and Choice Incentive Collins and Frank (2014)
23/01/2015Maneesh Sahani Optimal control of transient dynamics in balanced networks Wei et al (2013)
13/01/2015Guillaume Hennequin Optimal control of transient dynamics in balanced networks
06/01/2015Adam Ponzi Edge of chaos in the striatum, and for temporal expectation
16/12/2014Carsen Stringer A category-free neural population supports evolving demands during decision-making Raposo et al (2014)
09/12/2014Kristin Voelk Late Emergence of the Vibrissa Direction Selectivity Map in the Rat Barrel Cortex Kremer et al (2011)
02/12/2014Vincent Adam Partitioning neuronal variability Goris et al (2014)
25/11/2014Arne Meyer Neural Correlates of Task Switching in Prefrontal Cortex and Primary Auditory Cortex in a Novel Stimulus Selection Task for Rodents Rodgers and DeWeese (2014)
18/11/2014Peter Latham Sparseness and Expansion in Sensory Representations Babadi and Sompolinsky (2014)
11/11/2014Rainer Engelken Chaos and Entropy Production in Spiking Networks
04/11/2014Sarah Lewis The Neural Marketplace
21/10/2014James Fitzgerald The importance of natural sensory statistics for visual motion estimation
14/10/2014Ben Huh Neural constraints on learning Sadtler et al (2014)
09/30/2014 Postdoc Interview
09/09/2014Peiran Gao Multi-neuronal theory of dimensionality, dynamics and measurement
Summer Break
22/07/2014Pedro Goncalves Equalizing excitation–inhibition ratios across visual cortical neurons Xue, Atallah, Scanziani (2014)
15/07/2014Laurence Aitchison Spatiotemporal receptive fields of barrel cortex revealed by reverse correlation of synaptic input Ramirez, et al. (2014)
08/07/2014Mehdi Keramati Behavioral and neurophysiological correlates of regret in rat decision-making on a neuroeconomic task Steiner, Redish (2014)
01/07/2014Federico Mancinelli Role of Central Serotonin in Anticipation of Rewarding and Punishing Outcomes: Effects of Selective Amygdala or Orbitofrontal 5-HT Depletion Rygula, Rafal, et al. (2013)
24/06/2014Laetitial Jubin A use for all those inhibitory neurons that are clogging up anatomy textbooks
17/06/2014Charvy Narain How to publish in Nature Neuroscience. Hiroshi Yamada, et. al. (2013)
10/06/2014Peter D Executive control processes underlying multi-item working memory AH Lara, JD Wallis (2013)
03/06/2014 Tri-Center Meeting
27/05/2014Kyo Thirst-dependent risk preferences in monkeys identify a primitive form of wealth. Hiroshi Yamada, et. al. (2013)
06/05/2014Thomas Desautels Deficient GABAergic Gliotransmission May Cause Broader Sensory Tuning in Schizophrenia. Osamu Hoshino (2014)
13/05/2014Gergo Bohner Connexin 30 sets synaptic strength by controlling astroglial synapse invasion. Ulrike Pannasch, et. al. (2014)
06/05/2014Thomas Desautels Altering Spinal Cord Excitability Enables Voluntary Movements After Chronic Complete Paralysis in Humans. Angeli, Edgerton, Gerasimenko, and Harkema (2014)
29/04/2014Logan Grosenick Rapid, synchronous 3D functional imaging and estimation of neural dynamics at cellular resolution. Logan Grosenick
22/04/2014 Easter Week Huyen Nguyen
15/04/2014Huyen Nguyen An overview of axon guidance. Huyen Nguyen
08/04/2014 Kristin Voelk Temporal structure of motor variability is dynamically regulated and predicts motor learning ability. Howard G Wu, et. al. (2013)
04/04/2014Vincent Adam Learned spatiotemporal sequence recognition and prediction in primary visual cortex. Jeffrey P Gavornik, Mark F Bear (2013)
28/03/2014 Catherine Wacongne Predictive Coding in the auditory cortex, a joint modeling and imaging approach Catherine Wacongne
21/03/2014 Student Interview Week
14/03/2014 Cosyne Wrap Up
07/03/2014 Cosyne 2014
28/02/2014 Cosyne 2014
21/02/2014Maneesh Sahani Cortical activity in the null space: permitting preparation without movement. Matthew T Kaufman, et. al. (2013)
14/02/2014Marius Pachitariu Optogenetic Activation of an Inhibitory Network Enhances Feedforward Functional Connectivity in Auditory Cortex. Liberty S. Hamilton, et. al. (2013)
07/02/2014Ritwik P Niyogi Prolonged dopamine signalling in striatum signals proximity and value of distant rewards. Howe MW, et. al. (2013)
31/01/2014Srini Turaga Practice Talk
24/01/2014Peter Dayan Retrospective Revaluation in Sequential Decision Making: A Tale of Two Systems. Gershman SJ, Markman AB, Otto AR. (2012)
17/01/2014Ben Huh Context-dependent computation by recurrent dynamics in prefrontal cortex Valerio Mante, et. al. (2013)
26/11/2013Michael Hill Methodological advances and their application in a human single unit recording and microstimulation study Michael Hill
19/11/2013 SfN wrap up
05/11/2013Henry Abarbanel Cancelled Henry Abarbanel
29/10/2013Zhuoyi Song Stochastic Adaptive Sampling of Fly Photoreceptors Zhuoyi Song
22/10/2013 Agnieszka Stimulus-dependent variability and noise correlations in cortical MT neurons Adrián Ponce-Alvarez, et. al. (2013)
15/10/2013 Pedro Temporal whitening by power-law adaptation in neocortical neurons Christian Pozzorini, et. al. (2013)
08/10/2013Nori Jacoby Information, working memory and prediction (and music perception) Nori Jacoby
01/10/2013Evan Archer Non-parametric Bayesian Method for Spike Entropy Estimation. Evan Archer
24/09/2013Laurence Aitchison Specific evidence of low-dimensional continuous attractor dynamics in grid cells KiJung Yoon, et. al. (2013)
17/09/2013Stephanie Palmer Prediction in the brain: insights from the retina and natural movie statistics Stephanie Palmer
30/07/2013Kristin Voelk Neural coding during active somatosensation revealed using illusory touch Daniel H O'Connor, (2013)
23/07/2013Vincent Adam Reasoning, Learning, and Creativity: Frontal Lobe Function and Human Decision-Making Anne Collins, Etienne Koechlin (2012)
16/07/2013Biljana Petreska Rats and Humans Can Optimally Accumulate Evidence for Decision-Making Bingni W. Brunton, Matthew M. Botvinick and Carlos D. Brody (2013)
09/07/2013 Loic Matthey The Sparseness of Mixed Selectivity Neurons Controls the Generalization-Discrimination Trade-Off Barak, O., Rigotti, M., & Fusi, S. (2013)
02/07/2013Maneesh Sahani A functional and perceptual signature of the second visual area in primates Jeremy Freeman, Corey M Ziemba, David J Heeger, Eero P Simoncelli & J Anthony Movshon (2013)
25/06/2013Marius The importance of mixed selectivity in complex cognitive tasks Mattia Rigotti, Omri Barak, Melissa R. Warden, Xiao-Jing Wang, Nathaniel D. Daw, Earl K. Miller & Stefano Fusi (2013)
18/06/2013Ritwik P Niyogi Rational regulation of learning dynamics by pupil-linked arousal systems. Nassar MR, Rumsey KM, Wilson RC, Parikh K, Heasly B, Gold JI. (2012)
03/06/2013Tri-center meeting
21/05/2013Peter Latham The Sense of Place: Grid Cells in the Brain and the Transcendental Number "e" Xue-Xin Wei, Jason Prentice, and Vijay Balasubramanian
14/05/2013Peter Dayan Dynamic Estimation of Task-Relevant Variance in Movement under Risk Michael S. Landy, Julia Trommershauser, and Nathaniel D. Daw (2012)
07/05/2013Lars Buesing Dynamical System Models for Characterizing Cortical Multi-Electrode Recordings
30/04/2013Arthur Guez Structure Learning in Human Sequential Decision-Making Daniel Acuna, Paul Schrater (2010)
23/04/2013 Post-doc interviews
16/04/2013Ben Huh Chaos and reliability in balanced spiking networks with temporal drive Lajoie, Lin, Shea-Brown (2013)
21/03/2013 @Imperial: 10am Room 3.03 Royal School of Mines, Prince Consort Rd, SW7 2BP
Cosyne attendees Cosyne wrap-up Cosyne 2013
19/02/2013 Srini Turaga Differential connectivity and response dynamics of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in visual cortex. Hofer and all (2011)
12/02/2013 Agnieszka Grabska-Barwinska Mechanisms of pattern decorrelation by recurrent neuronal circuits Wiechert and all (2010)
05/02/2013 Sarah Jarvis Principles Governing the Operation of Synaptic Inhibition in Dendrites Gidon & Segev (2012)
08/01/2013 Stylianos Kampakis Investigating the computational power of spiking neurons with non-standard behaviors
22/01/2013 Pedro Goncalvez Slow dynamics and high variability in balanced cortical networks with clustered connections Litwin-Kumar and Doiron (2012)
08/01/2013 Laurence Aitchison Functional Properties of Cortical Feedback Projections to the Olfactory Bulb Markopoulos and all (2012)
11/12/2012 Chris Burgess Inhibitory interneurons in a cortical column form hot zones of inhibition. in layers 2 and 5A Meyer and all (2011);
Inhibition dominates sensory responses in the awake cortex. Haider and all (2012)
06/12/2012 @Imperial: 10am Room 3.03 Royal School of Mines, Prince Consort Rd, SW7 2BP
Loic Matthey An ideal observer analysis of visual working memory Sims and all (2012);
20/11/2012 Biljana Petreska Discrete Neocortical Dynamics Predict Behavioral Categorization of Sounds Bathellier and all (2012);
30/10/2012 Maneesh Sahani More is not always better: adaptive gain control explains dissociation between perception and action Simoncini and all (2012)
06/11/2012 Ritwik Niyogi Activation of dorsal raphe serotonin neurons is necessary for waiting for delayed rewards. Miyazaki and all (2012); Miyazaki and all (2011)
30/10/2012 NO dwellers SfN wrapup SfN meeting 2012
23/10/2012 David Pfau Learning State Space Models for Neural Data via Nuclear Norm Minimization
09/10/2012 Marius Pachitariu A Sparse Coding Model with Synaptically Local Plasticity and Spiking Neurons Can Account for the Diverse Shapes of V1 Simple Cell Receptive Fields Zylberberg and all (2012)
02/10/2012 Arthur Guez Inferring Visuomotor Priors for Sensorimotor Learning Turnham and all (2011)
27/09/2012 @Imperial: 10am Room 4.01 Royal School of Mines, Prince Consort Rd, SW7 2BP
Peter Dayan Statistical connectivity provides a sufficient foundation for specific functional connectivity in neocortical neural microcircuits Hill and all (2012); Shepherd and all (2005)
18/09/2012 Zhaoping Li Comparing State-of-the-Art Visual Features on Invariant Object Recognition Tasks Pinto and all (2011)
11/09/2012 Lars Buesing Spike Inference from Calcium Imaging Using Sequential Monte Carlo Methods Vogelstein and all (2009)
A Bayesian approach for inferring neuronal connectivity from calcium fluorescent imaging data Mishchenko and all (2011)
4/09/2012 Peter Latham Retinal prosthetic strategy with the capacity to restore normal vision Nirenberg & Pandarinath (2012)
24/07/2012 Agnieszka Grabska-Barwinska Fisher and Shannon Information in Finite Neural Populations Yarrow and all (2012)
17/07/2012 Laurence Aitchison Riken summer school 2012
10/07/2012 Ahmad Qamar Optimal Integration of Ambiguity and Sensory Noise in Humans, Monkeys, and Neural Networks
03/07/2012 Loic Matthey Nonlinear analysis of macaque V1 color tuning reveals cardinal directions for cortical color processin Horwitz & Hass (2012)
19/06/2012 Chris Burgess Feedforward origins of response variability underlying contrast invariant orientation tuning on cat visual cortex Sadagopan & Ferster (2012)
12/06/2012 Simon Schultz Clonally related visual cortical neurons show similar stimulus feature selectivity Ye Li and all (2012)
Preferential electrical coupling regulates neocortical lineage-dependent microcircuit assembly Yong-Chun Yu and all (2012)
29/05/2012 Maneesh Sahani Collective dynamics in human and monkey sensorimotor cortex: predicting single neuron spikes Truccolo and all (2010)
22/05/2012 Alex Lerchner Columnar Interactions Determine Horizontal Propagation of Recurrent Network Activity in Neocortex Wester & Contreras (2012)
15/05/2012 Daniel J Strouse The Information Bottleneck Method Tishby and all (2010)
Slonim & Weiss (2002)
10/05/2012 @Imperial: 10am Room G38 Royal School of Mines, Prince Consort Rd, SW7 2BP
Marius Pachitariu Activity recall in a visual cortical ensemble Xu and all (2012)
01/05/2012 Biljana Petreska A cortical motor nucleus drives the basal ganglia-recipient thalamus in singing birds Goldberg & Fee (2012)
24/04/2012 Zeb Kurth-Nelson A Memory Retrieval-Extinction Procedure to Prevent Drug Craving and Relapse Xue and all (2012)
19/04/2012 Eftychios Pnevmatikakis Fast methods for smoothing of high dimensional spatiotemporal neural data
17/04/2012Andreas Thomik The Geometric Structure of the Brain Fiber Pathway van Weeden and all (2012)
03/04/2012 Laurence Aitchison Compartmentalized dendritic plasticity and input feature storage in neurons Losonczy and all (2008)
29/03/2012Ritwik Niyogi Calibrate your expectations: prediction errors, prediction errors and more prediction errors Cohen and all (2012);
Patel and all (Cosyne 2012)
22/03/2012 Arthur Guez Grid Cells, Place Cells, and Geodesic Generalization for Spatial Reinforcement Learning Gustafson & Daw (2011)
15/03/2012 @Imperial: 10am Room 3.01D Royal School of Mines, Prince Consort Rd, SW7 2BP
Cosyne wrap-up Cosyne 2012
16/02/2012 Michael Okun Conditional modulation of spike-timing-dependent plasticity for olfactory learning Cassenaer & Laurent (2012)
09/02/2012Zhaoping Li The Relation Between Color Discrimination and Color Constancy: When Is Optimal Adaptation Task Dependent? Abrams et al (2007)
02/02/2012 Peter Dayan Modulation of Frontostriatal Interaction Aligns with Reduced Primary Reward Processing under Serotonergic Drugs Abler et al. (2012);
When Desire Collides with Reason: Functional Interactions between Anteroventral Prefrontal Cortex and Nucleus Accumbens Underlie the Human Ability to Resist Impulsive Desire Diekhof & Grube (2010)
26/01/2012 Demis Hassabis Hippocampal "time cells" bridge the gap in memory for discontiguous events MacDonald et al. (2011)
19/01/2012 @Imperial: 10am Room 1.47 Royal School of Mines, Prince Consort Rd, SW7 2BP
Lars Buesing Neural correlates of reliability-based cue weighting during multisensory integration Fetsch et al. (2012)
12/01/2012 Alexander Lerchner Synaptic mechanisms underlying sparse coding of active touch Crochet et al. (2011)
05/01/2012 Agnieszka Grabska-Barwinska Inhibitory Plasticity Balances Excitation and Inhibition in Sensory Pathways and Memory Networks Vogels, Sprekeler et al. (2011)
06/12/2011 Chris Burgess Cosine directional tuning of theta cell burst frequencies: evidence for spatial coding by oscillatory interference Welday et al. (2011)
22/11/2011 SfN attendants (Imperial & UCL) SfN wrap-up
08/11/2011 Maneesh Sahani Cone photoreceptor contributions to noise and correlations in the retinal output Ala-Laurila et al. (2011)
Coordinated dynamic encoding in the retina using opposing forms of plasticity Kastner & Baccus (2011)
01/11/2011 Peter Dayan Lateral habenula neurons signal errors in the prediction of reward information Bromberg-Martin & Hikosaka 2011
25/10/2011 @Imperial: Room 4.01 Royal School of Mines, Prince Consort Rd, SW7 2BP
Peter Latham Grid cells generate an analog error-correcting code for singularly precise neural computation Sreenivasan & Fiete (2011)
11/10/2011 Loic Matthey The physics of optimal decision making: a formal analysis of models of performance in two-alternative forced-choice tasks Bogacz et al. (2006)
04/10/2011 Laurence Aitchison Contextual guidance of eye movements and attention in real-world scenes: The role of global features on object search Torralba et al. (2006)
27/09/2011 Ritwik Niyogi Cannabinoid receptor blockade reduces the opportunity cost at which rats maintain operant performance for rewarding brain stimulation. Trujillo- Pisanty et al. (2011);
Hernandez et al. (2010)
20/09/2011 Marius Pachitariu Receptive fields from natural scene statistics: a unifying review Turner, Berkes, Fiser and Sahani
13/09/2011 Jakob Macke Identification of network-level coding units for real-time representation of episodic experiences in the hippocampus Lin  et al. (2005)
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