Gatsby Neuroscience Journal Club

We meet on Tuesdays at 2 pm in the Gatsby seminar room (fourth floor, Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square).

On some Tuesdays (which will be announced), the journal club will be joint with Imperial college.

5 Jul '11 External seminar - Chrisantha Fernando Darwinian Neurodynamics
12 Jul '11 Joint meeting w Imperial - at Gatsby - Shabnam Kadir Inhibitory Stabilization of the Cortical Network Underlies Visual Surround Suppression Ozeki et al. 2009
19 Jul '11 Summer break until September
past presentations:
30 Oct. '07group meetingto decide on topics / papers / presenters
6 Nov. '07no meeting (SfN)
13 Nov. '07Amit MillerMotor learning with unstable neural representations. By Rokni, Richardson, Bizzi, Seung.Rokni et al, Neuron '07
supplementary material
20 Nov. '07SfN attendeesSfN review
Alex: 931.11/VV5
Misha: 383.18/XX23, 303.21/XX26
Jonathan: Haslinger and Shalizi [poster PDF]
27 Nov. '07Misha AhrensExact quantification of free behaviour of simple organisms[Stephens, Bialek: C. Elegans]
[Cowan and Fortune: electric fish]
[Reiser and Dickinson: Drosophyla]
4 Dec. '07no meeting (NIPS)
11 Dec. '07Yasser RoudiTrade-Off between Object Selectivity and Tolerance in Monkey Inferotemporal Cortex. By Davide Zoccolan, Minjoon Kouh, Tomaso Poggio, and James J. DiCarloZoccolan et al., J Neurosci 2007
18 Dec. '07Deb RayMatching Behaviour and the Representation of Value in the Parietal Cortex. Sugrue, Corrardo, Newsome. Science 2004>Surgrue, Corrado, Newsome, Science '04
15 Jan. '08Adam SanbornEdge co-occurrence in natural images predicts contour grouping performance. Geisler, Perry, Super and GalloglyGeisler et al., Vision Research, 2001
22 Jan. '08Kai KruegerMOSAIC model for sensorimotor learning and control, by Haruno, Wolpert and KawatoHaruno et al., 2001
29 Jan. '08Mani AhmadiAdaptive temporal integration of motion in direction selective neurons in macaque visual cortex. Bair W, Movshon JA (2004), Journal of Neuroscience 247305--7323Bair and Movshon '04
5 Feb. '08No JC - Columbia meeting
12 Feb. '08Alex LerchnerAction selection and refinement in subcortical loops through basal ganglia and cerebellum. Houk, JC, Bastianen C, Fansler D, Fishbach A, Fraser D, Reber PJ, Roy SA, Simo LS (2007). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society- B 362: September issue.Houk et al. 2007
19 Feb. '08No JC - PhD interviews
26 Feb. '08Cosyne preview
4 March '08Cosyne - no meeting
11 March '08Cosyne reviewCosyne review
18 March '081 PM: Joshua YoungCortical reorganisation (see email)Young et al. '07
25 March '08Vinayak RaoPersistent Activity in Neural Networks with Dynamic SynapsesMain paper: Barak & Tsodyks, PLoS Comp. Biol., 2007
See also: Mongillo et al., Science, 2008
1 April '08Phillipp HehrmannSomatotopic representation of action words in human motor and premotor cortexHauk, Johnsrude and Pulvermueller, Neuron '04
8 April '08Zhaoping LiTheoretical Understanding of the early visual processes by data compression and data selectionLink to Zhaoping's paper, Network 2006
15 April '08Peter DayanHierarchical reinforcement learningBotvinick, TICS, in press
Botvinick, Niv, Barto
22 April '08: different venue (see above)Reza MaozzeziAdaptive coding of visual information in neural populationsGutnisky and Dragoi, Nature '08
29 April '08Bahador BahramiNoise-dependent interhemispheric integration of motionabstract
6 May '08Pietro BerkesXu Miao, Rajesh P.N. Rao (2007) Learning Lie groups of visual invariance. Neural Computation 19(10), 2665-2693.Miao and Rao, 2007
13 May '08Peter Latham Instantaneous correlation of excitation and inhibition during ongoing and sensory-evoked activities.Okun and Lampl, Nature Neuroscience, 2008
20 May '08Ulrik BeierholmLearning stochastic reward distributions in a speeded pointing taskSeydell, McCann, Trommershauser, Knill, J. Neurosci. '08
27 May '08Jonathan PillowThe role of correlations in direction and contrast coding in the primary visual cortexMontani, Kohn, Smith, Schultz, J.Neurosci, 2007 Also see the erratum.
3 June '08no jc - NIPS
10 June '08no jc
17 June '08Richard TurnerA theory of cortical responsesKarl Friston, Philos. Trans. R. Roc. Lond. 2005
24 June '08Maneesh SahaniDecision-making with multiple alternativesChurchland, Kiani, Shadlen, Nature Neuroscience '08
1 July '08Misha AhrensThe hemo-neural hypothesisChris Moore and Rosa Cao, 2007, J. Neurophysiol.
8 July '08no jc - local systems meeting
15 July '08Adam SanbornCharacterizing observer states using external noise and observer models: Assessing internal representations with external noiseLu and Dosher, Psych Review, 2008
22 July '08Ross WilliamsonLevel dependence of contextual modulation in auditory cortexScholl, Gao, Wehr, J Neurophys '08.
29 July '08Kai KruegerReconciling Reinforcement Learning Models with behavioural Extinction and Renewal: Implications for Addiction, Relapse and Problem GamblingRedish, Jensen, Johnson, and Kurth-Nelson, Psych Review '08
2 Sept '08Mani AhmadiRetinal ganglion cells can rapidly change polarity from Off to OnGeffen et al '08
9 Sept '08Alex LerchnerDecoupling through synchrony in neuronal circuits with propagation delaysLubenov and Siapas, Neuron '08
16 Sept '08David BarrettOptimal information storage in noisy synapses under resource constraintsVarshney, Sjostrom, Chklovskii, 2006
23 Sept '08Peter DayanReinforcement learning from a neuroscience perspective
30 Sept '08cancelled
7 Oct '08Phillipp HehrmannSynaptic depression may underly ITD stimulus adaptation in the inferior colliculus, Hehrmann et al.
21 Oct '08Reza MaozzeziTask difficulty modulates the activity of specific neuronal populations in primary visual cortexChen et al. Nat Neuro 08
28 Oct '08Ulrik BeierholmDivergence of fMRI and neural signals in V1 during perceptual suppression in the awake monkeyMaier et al. Nat. Neuro 08
4 Nov '08Ulrik BeierholmfMRI discussionLogothetis review paper 2008 Logothetis etal 2001
11 Nov '08Amit MillerDynamics of Memory Representations in Networks with Novelty-Facilitated Synaptic PlasticityBlumenfield et al, Neuron 2006
18 Nov '08No Meeting (SFN)
25 Nov '08No Meeting (Seminar series)
2 Dec '08SFN Review
9 Dec '08No Meeting (NIPS)
13 Jan '09Kai Krueger Dopamine's role in incentive salience Berridge Review, Psychopharmacology 07
McClure, Daw & Montague, TINS 03
20 Jan '09Maneesh Sahani Emergence of complex cell properties by learning to generalize in natural scenes Karklin & Lewicki Nature 2008
27 Jan '09No meeting due to exams
3 Feb '09Peter LathamMemory traces in dynamical systemsGanguli, Huh & Sompolinsky., Proc Natl Acad Sci, 2008 Supplementary info
10 Feb '09Adam SanbornA Hierarchy of Temporal Receptive Windows in Human CortexHasson et al. 09, JNeurosci, March 2008
17 Feb. '09Mani AhmadiDecision Making in Recurrent Neuronal CircuitsWang, Neuron 2008
24 Feb '09No meeting (Preparation for Cosyne)
3 Mar '09No meeting (Cosyne)
13 Mar '09Cosyne discussionFriday at Noon!
18 Mar '09Cosyne discussion 2Wednesday at 2.30 pm.
24 Mar '09Quentin HuysPriors and Desires: A Model of Payoff-Dependent BeliefsMayraz: Priors and Desires
31 Mar '09Phillipp HehrmannDecision-Theoretic Saliency: Computational Principles, Biological Plausibility, and Implications for Neurophysiology and PsychophysicsGao & Vasconcelos 09
7 Apr '09Amit MillerEffects of correlations on memory capacity (own work)Suggested reading:Fusi, Drew & Abbott 05 Amit & Fusi 94
15 Apr '09Ross WilliamsonMusic perceptionMcDermot et al 08
21 Apr '09Peter DayanDebating new version of Dayan & Abbott textbook
28 Apr '09Alex LerchnerFunctional connectivity in visual cortexNauhaus et al. 09
5 May '09No meeting (Columbia)
12 May '09David BarrettField-theoretic approach to fluctuation effects in neural networks Buice & Cowan, PRE 07
19 May '09David BarrettField theoretic etc. part 2
26 May '09Christoph KolodziejskiTowards a General Theory of Neural Computation Based on Prediction by Single NeuronsFiorillo, PLOS One 09
2 Jun '09No Jclub - NIPS
9 Jun '09External Seminar: Annie Collins
16 Jun '09Jeff Beck Seo, Barraclough & Lee J Neuro 09
23 Jun '09External Seminar: Alanna Watt
30 Jun '09Ulrik BeierholmRepresentation of Confidence Associated with a Decision by Neurons in the Parietal CortexKiani & Shadlen 09
7 Jul '09External Seminar: Dan Goodmann - Network Demo
14 Jul '09Audio topic - Maneesh Sahani
21 Jul '09Summer break until september
1 Sep '09Peter Dayan Prefrontal and striatal dopaminergic genes predict individual differences in exploration and exploitation
8 Sep '09Shane Legg Hierarchically organized behavior and its neural foundations: A reinforcement learning perspective Botvinick, Niv, Barto TICS09
15 Sep '09Mani Ahmadi Middle Temporal Visual Area Microstimulation Influences Veridical Judgments of Motion DirectionNichols & Newsome J. Neur. 2002
22 Sep '09No Meeting
29 Sep '09Phillipp HehrmannAudio topic - Pitch perception
6 Oct '09Ross WilliamsonAudio topic - Plasticity in auditory cortex
13 Oct '09No Meeting - Annual review
20 Oct '09No Meeting - SFN
27 Oct '09SFN Discussion
3 Nov '09Joint meeting w Imperial Parvalbumin neurons and gamma rhythms enhance cortical circuit performanceSohal et al., Nature 09
10 Nov '09 Ulrik Beierholm Driving fast-spiking cells induces gamma rhythm and controls sensory responses Cardin et al. Nature 09
17 Nov '09 External seminar - Arno Onken
24 Nov '09 Peter Latham Network topic
1 Dec '09 Peter Latham Network Topic
8 Dec '09 NIPS break
15 Dec '09 Joint meeting w Imperial - Jeff Beck Attention improves performance primarily by reducing interneuronal correlations Cohen & Maunsell 09
12 Jan '10Adam SanbornCognitive topic - Structural learning Kemp & Tenenbaum 08
19 Jan '10Kai Kruger Cognitive topic - Structural learningKemp & Tenenbaum 09
26 Jan '10Joint meeting w Imperial at Gastby - Aman Saleem Basal forebrain activation enhances cortical coding of natural scenesGoard & Dan, Nt Neuro 09
2 Feb '10Alex LerchnerA simple model of cortical dynamics explains variability and state dependence of sensory responses in urethane-anesthetized auditory cortexCurto et al. J. Neurosc. 09
9 Feb '10 External speaker: Keith Langley
16 Feb '10David BarrettThe Asynchronous State in Cortical CircuitsRenart et al. 2010
23 Feb '10No meeting due to COSYNE
2 Mar '10No meeting due to COSYNE
9 Mar '10 No meeting due to interviews
16 Mar '10Joint meeting w ImperialCosyne discussion
23 Mar '10No meeting due to Quinquennial review
30 Mar '10External seminar - Brandon RohrerSubmovements grow larger, fewer, and more blended during stroke recovery
6 Apr. '10Gatsby closed for easter
13 Apr. '10Zhaoping LiTopic - The visual system beyond V1Zhaoping et al 09
20 Apr. '10No meeting due to Edinburgh meeting
27 Apr. '10David SchulzTopic - The visual system beyond V1
4 May '10Joint meeting w Imperial - Dan CookDendritic organization of sensory input to cortical neurons in vivoJia et al 2010
11 May '10No meeting due to external seminar
18 May '10Demis HassabisHippocampal replay is not a simple function of experience.Gupta et al. 2010
25 May '10Internal Seminar: Arno OnkenModeling Dependent Spike Trains as Intensity-Coupled Point Processes
1 June '10No meeting due to external seminar
8 June '10No meeting due to PostDoc interviews
15 June '10 No meeting due to Hebrew University meeting
22 June '10 Maneesh Sahani AREADNE review
29 June '10 Joint meeting at Imperial - Ross Williamson Contribution of Inhibition to Stimulus Selectivity in Primary Auditory Cortex of Awake Primates Sadagopan & Wang 2010
6 July '10 Peter Dayan Topic - RL and attention Holland 1988
13 July '10 Ulrik Beierholm Topic - RL and attention Dayan, Kakade & Montague 2000
7 Sep '10 Organizational meeting
14 Sep '10 Shane Legg Consciousness as Integrated Information: a Provisional Manifesto Tononi 2008
21 Sep '10 Internal seminar - Romain Brette Coincidence detection in noisy neurons
28 Sep '10 Joint Meeting w Imperial - at Gatsby - Michael Okun STDP enables spiking neurons to detect hidden causes of their inputs Nessler, Pfeiffer & Mass 09
5 Oct '10 Phillipp Hehrmann Neural Correlates of Auditory Scene Analysis Based on Inharmonicity in Monkey Primary Auditory Cortex Fishman & Steinschneider 2010
12 Oct '10 Internal seminar - Duncan Mortimer
19 Oct '10 Bjorn Christianson Topic - Auditory localization
26 Oct '10 Joint Meeting w Imperial - at Imperial - Alex Lerchner Sparse and powerful cortical spikes Wolfe & Brecht 2010
2 Nov '10 Jannis Hildebrandt Topic - Auditory localization
9 Nov '10 No meeting due to SFN
16 Nov '10 No meeting due to SFN
23 Nov '10 SFN discussion
30 Nov '10 Joint Meeting w Imperial - at Gatsby - Ken Harris A review of several papers on cortical state and attention
7 Dec '10 No meeting due to NIPS
14 Dec '10 James Kilner Mini Topic - Mirror neurons
4 Jan '11 No meeting
11 Jan '11 Ulrik Beierholm A selective role for dopamine in stimulus-reward learning Flagel et al. 2011.
18 Jan '11 Jeff Beck Spontaneous Cortical Activity Reveals Hallmarks of an Optimal Internal Model of the Environment Berkes et al. 2011
25 Jan '11 Joint meeting w Imperial - at Imperial - Jakob Macke Ephaptic coupling of cortical neurons Anastassiou et al. 2011
1 Feb '11 Peter Latham Mini Topic - Liquid State Machines
8 Feb '11 Loic Matthey Echo State Networks Sussillo & Abbott 09 Busing et al. 09
15 Feb '11 Ritwik Niyogi Delays Conferred by Escalating Costs Modulate Dopamine Release to Rewards But Not Their Predictors Wanat et al. 10
22 Feb '11 No meeting due to Cosyne
1 Mar '11 No meeting due to Cosyne
8 Mar '11 Cosyne discussion
15 Mar '11 Internal seminar - Ben Huh
22 Mar '11 External seminar -Thomas Akam Task dependent changes in inter-region oscillatory activity; dynamics and possible function Pasaran et al. 08 Gregoriou et al. 09 Benchenane et al. 10
29 Mar '11 Mandana Ahmadi Prefrontal cortex, cognitive control, and the registration of decision costs. McGuire & Botvinick 2010
5 Apr '11 Joint meeting w Imperial - at Gatsby - Ken Harris A neural circuit mechanism integrating motivational state with memory \ expression in Drosophila Krashes et al. 09
12 Apr '11 David Barrett Spike Based Population Coding and Working Memory Boerlin and Deneve 2011
19 Apr '11 No meeting due to BNA meeting
26 Apr '11 No meeting due to easter closure
3 May '11 No meeting
10 May '11 Internal seminar - Mathieu Galtier Hebbian learning of recurrent connections: a geometrical perspective
17 May '11 Lars Buesing Hidden Markov Models for the Stimulus-Response Relationships of Multistate Neural Systems Escola et al. 2011
24 May '11 Maneesh Sahani Motor topic - Motor Cortex
31 May '11 Biljana Petreska Motor topic - Theories of behavioural motor control
7 Jun '11 Joint meeting with Imperial - at Imperial - Zhaoping Li A review of collected literature findings on retinotopy
14 Jun '11 Agnieszka Grabska-Barwinska Retinal origin of orientation maps in visual cortex
21 Jun '11 Marius Pachitariu Normalization Reynolds & Heeger 09, Ohshiro, Angelaki & DeAngelis 11
28 Jun '11 Arthur Guez Instructional control of reinforcement learning: A behavioral and neurocomputational investigation Doll et al. 09

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