Theoretical neuroscience is a mathematical approach to understanding neural systems. This course provides a thorough introduction to current approaches in the field

Heavy use will be made of mathematical, statistical, and computational methods. The course is open to anyone, although students should feel comfortable with linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and probability theory at the level found in Boas (Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences) or Arfken (Mathematical Methods for Physicists).

The course textbook is Theoretical Neuroscience by Dayan and Abbot.


Peter Latham, Maneesh Sahani and Peter Dayan

Teaching Assistants

Loic Matthey (
Ritwik Niyogi (


4th Floor Seminar Room
Gatsby Unit
Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square



Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, 9th Oct - 15h Dec 2009
Time: 11:00 - 13:00

Review sessions

Dates: Tuesdays
Time: 16:30 - 18:30


14.12.2010Homework 11 online. It is due after the Christmas break. All lectures slides are now online.
10.12.2010Homework 10 online.
5.12.2010Homework 9 online.
29.11.2010Homework 8 online. Learning and RL1 lecture slides online.
19.11.2010Homework 7 online.
15.11.2010Homework 6 online.
7.11.2010Homework 5 online. Additional Material updated for Biophysics.
29.10.2010Homework 4 online. Paper mentioned in class highlighted in Additional material.
23.10.2010Homework 3 online. Information theory slides up to date. Start of Neural coding slides.
17.10.2010Lectures for Intro and Systems are available. Slides for Information Theory are up, but they could change.
16.10.2010Website updated. Additional material up to Neural Coding. Homework 2 online.