Date Subject Lecturer Additional
Oct 5thNo Lecture-
Oct 8thIntroduction to theoretical neurosciencePD
Oct 12thSystems in neurosciencePD
Oct 15thVision / Information TheoryMS
Oct 19thInformation TheoryMS
Oct 22ndNeural Coding 1MS
Oct 26thNeural Coding 2MS
Oct 29thNeural Coding 3MS
Nov 2rdPopulation CodingMS
Nov 5thBiophysics 1PELPEL lectures will not be typeset.
See Additional Material for an old set of lecture notes
Nov 9thBiophysics 2PEL
Nov 12thBiophysics 3PEL
Nov 16thBiophysics 4JB
Nov 19thLearningPD
Nov 23rdLearningPD
Nov 26thReinforcement Learning 1PD
Nov 30thReinforcement Learning 2PD
Dec 3rdNetwork Dynamics 1PEL
Dec 7thNetwork Dynamics 2PEL
Dec 10thNetwork Dynamics 3PEL
Dec 14thUncertaintyPD



Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, 9th Oct - 15h Dec 2009
Time: 11:00 - 13:00