CNS*2000 Workshops

Workshops focusing on current issues in computational neuroscience will be held on July 19 and 20, 2000, as part of the CNS*2000 conference in Brugge, Belgium.

The goal of the workshops is to provide an informal forum within the CNS meeting for focused discussion of recent or speculative research, novel techniques, and open issues in computational neuroscience. Workshops may be in a number of different formats: Discussion workshops, whether formal (i.e., held in a conference room with projection and writing media) or informal (held elsewhere), stress interactive and open discussions in preference to sequential presentations. Tutorials and mini-symposia provide a format for a focused exploration of particular issues or techniques within a more traditional presentation framework; but in these cases too, adequate time will be reserved for questions and general discussion.

At present, the following workshops are planned. Click on the title for a more complete description.

Title Format Organizers
Theoretical advances in developmental neuroscience mini-symposium / discussion S. Eglen and D. Willshaw
Theoretical Issues in Working Memory mini-symposium / discussion N. Brunel and B. Gutkin
Computational Neuroscience and Psychiatry: Can the two benefit from each other? formal discussion M. Huber and S. Ellis
Large-scale models in computational neuroscience: methods and dynamical phenomena mini-symposium M. Lengyel and R. Maex

Additional workshops may still be proposed. For instructions on how to do so, please consult the call for proposals.

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