Theoretical neuroscience is a mathematical approach to understanding neural systems. This course provides a thorough introduction to current approaches in the field

Heavy use will be made of mathematical, statistical, and computational methods. The course is open to anyone, although students should feel comfortable with linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and probability theory at the level found in Boas (Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences) or Arfken (Mathematical Methods for Physicists).

The course textbook is Theoretical Neuroscience by Dayan and Abbott. A good reference book for the Systems Neuroscience topics is Principles of Neural Science.

Mailing list

Any communications about this course, including the scheduling of lectures and classes, will be sent via a google group mailing list. If you are attending this course and you aren't on the SWC/Gatsby PhD programmes, please email one of the TAs.

Course Organization


This course will be taught by a number of Gatsby and SWC faculty, as well as occasional guest lecturers.

SWC faculty, Gatsby faculty

SWC Course Coordinator (1st term only)

Klara Otis (

Gatsby Teaching Assistants (1st and 2nd terms)

Hugo Soulat (
Theodore Moskovitz (


Third Floor Seminar Room
Gatsby Unit, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
25 Howland Street


This course has 2 parts. The first one taught jointly by SWC and Gatsby, consists of Systems and Theoretical Neuroscience lectures, and runs through UCL's First Term.
The second part is taught only by Gatsby and consists of exclusively Theoretical Neuroscience lectures, running through UCL's Second Term

Lectures Term I

Monday 09:00-11:00
Tuesdays 11:00-13:00
Friday 11:00-13:00

Lectures Term II

Tuesdays 11:00-13:00
Friday 11:00-13:00


Friday 09:00-11:00

Tutorials for the 1st term happen on SWC room 501 (also called SWC Library)