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I was until recently a post-dotoral researcher at Gatsby working with Prof. Peter Dayan on a number of problems in learning and decision making, but have since Aug. 2011 been a Lecturer (equiv. to Asist. Prof.) at the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics at University of Birmingham.

I used to organize the Gatsby Theoretical Neuroscience Journal club.

I got my PhD in May 2007 at Caltech, working with Prof. Steven Quartz and Ladan Shams on Bayesian modeling of perception, specifically multisensory. I also spent half a year at Caltech working with Prof. Peter Bossaerts on problems in Neuroeconomics.
I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and got my Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science (Physics) from the University of Copenhagen where I studied at the Niels Bohr Instiute.

Published or submitted papers:

Publications in NeuroEconomics/Decision making/Learning:

Beierholm & Dayan
“Pavlovian-Instrumental interactions in Observing Behavior”
PLoS Comput Biol 6(9): e1000903 (2010). PDF

Wunderlich, Beierholm, Bossaerts & O’Doherty
“The human prefrontal cortex mediates optimal integration during inference about multiple causes”
Journal of Neurophysiology 106:1558-1569 (2011). PDF

Guitart-Masip*, Beierholm*, Dolan, Duzel1 & Dayan
"Vigor in the face of fluctuating rates of reward: An experimental test"
In press at Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Beierholm, Anen, Quartz & Bossaerts
“Simultaneous encoding of reflex-based and reflection-based learned values in the human brain”
Neuroimage 58(3):955-62 (2011). PDF

Publications in perception:

Shams & Beierholm.
Causal Inference in Perception.
Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 14: 425-432 (2010). PDF

Wozny, Beierholm & Shams.
Probability matching as a computational strategy used in low-level perception.
PLoS Comput Biol 6(8): e1000871 (2010). PDF.

Shams & Beierholm
Causal Inference in Perception
Book chapter to appear in Sensory Cue Integration, Oxford Press.

Beierholm, Quartz & Shams
Priors and likelihoods are encoded independently in a multisensory perceptual task”
Journal of Vision, 9: 23, 1-11 (2009). PDF

Wozny, Beierholm & Shams
“Human tri-modal perception follows optimal statistical inference”
Journal of Vision, 8: 24, 1-11 (2008). PDF

Beierholm U, Kording K, Shams S, Ma WJ
Comparing Bayesian models for multisensory cue combination without mandatory integration
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 20, 2008. PDF

Koerding K*, Beierholm U*, Ma WJ*, Quartz S, Tenenbaum J & Shams L
Causal inference in multisensory perception.
PLOS ONE 9, e943 Aug 2007. PDF

Shams L, Ma WJ , Beierholm U
Sound-induced Flash illusion as an optimal percept.
Neuroreport 16 (17) 1923-1927 NOV 2005.PDF

Other subjects:

Beierholm, Brings Jacobsen, Alstrom & Holstein-Rathlou
Characteristics of blood vessels forming .Sausages-on-a-String. patterns during hypertension.
Physica A, 376: 387.393 (2007).

Brings Jacobsen, Beierholm Beierholm Beierholm Beierholm, Mikkelsen, Gustaffsson, Alstrom & Holstein-Rathlou
Sausage string appearance of arteries and arterioles can be caused by an instability of the blood vessel wall
Am J Physiol - Regul Integr Comp Physiol, 283: R1181-R1130 (2002).

Alstrom, Beierholm Beierholm Beierholm Beierholm, Nielsen, Ryge & Kiehn
Reliability of neural encoding
Physica A, 314: 61-68 (2002).

Beierholm, Nielsen, Ryge, Alstrom & Kiehn
Characterization of reliability of spike timing in spinal interneurons during rhythmic inputs
Journal of Neurophysiology, 86: 1858 (2001).

More stuff: