Copies should be handed in at the end of the lecture if possible, acceptable deadline up to 17h at Gatsby reception.

Please hand in a printed copy and send an electronic version (with code of implementations, if applicable) to the TAs, with subject including "TN_homework".

Latex/Word typeset handouts are highly encouraged. TAs reserve themselves the right to remove points for illegible/messy handouts.

For programming tasks Matlab or Python is recommended.

Link Subject Due date Additional files Comments
Homework 1 Biophysics 16 Oct
Homework 2 Biophysics II 23 Oct Homework 2 data set
Homework 3 Early visual system 18 Nov image.bmp
Homework 4 Neural Coding 25 Nov
Homework 5 Neural Coding 25 Nov linNeuron.m lnpNeuron.m lnpNeuron2.m
Homework 6 Neural Coding 2 Dec
Homework 8 Networks 21 December

Review sessions

Time: Thursdays 16.30

During those sessions, we will cover some mathematics needed for the homeworks and comment previous assignments.

If you'd like anything discussed, please send an email to the TAs.