Date Subject Lecturer Additional
Sep 30thIntroductionPEL Introduction slides Math you need to know
Oct 3rdBiophysics IPEL
Oct 7thBiophysics IIPEL
Oct 10thBiophysics IIIPEL
Oct 14thBiophysics IVPEL
Oct 17thSystems IPD Systems I slides
Oct 21stSystems IIPEL Systems II slides
Oct 24thNeural Coding IPEL Coding slides
Oct 28thNo class
Oct 31stNo class
Nov 4thNeural Coding IIPEL Population Coding slides
Nov 7thNeural Coding IIIPEL Information Theory slides
Nov 11thNeural Coding IVMS
Nov 14thNeural Coding VMS
Nov 18thHebbian learningPD Reinforcement learning slides
Nov 21stInformation theoryPD
Nov 25thReinforcement learningPD Reinforcement learning 2 slides
Nov 28thSensory decision-makingPD
Dec 2ndUncertaintyPD
Dec 5thNetwork Dynamics IPEL
Dec 9thNetwork Dynamics IIPEL Networks pdf
Dec 12thNetwork Dynamics IIIPEL



Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, 30th Sept - 12th Dec 2014
Time: 11:00 - 13:00