Copies should be handed in to one of the TA's pidgeon holes in the Gatsby Unit on the 2nd floor (opposite the IT office)

Please hand in a printed copy and optionally send an electronic version (with code of implementations, if applicable) to the TAs, with subject including "SNTN:". Do not print code/implementations.

Latex/Word typeset handouts are highly encouraged.

For programming tasks Python is recommended; Matlab will be accepted.

Subject Link Due date
Coding, Point Processes, Optimality Asst 1 for Gatsby students
Asst 1 for SWC students
Weds 18 Oct
Sensory Systems Asst 2 for all students
[matrix cheatsheet]
Weds 1 Nov
Population Coding Asst 3 for Gatsby students
Asst 3 for SWC students
Weds 13 Nov
Motor Systems Asst 4 for all students Mon 11 Dec

Weekly review sessions

Time: 9:00 - 11:00 every Friday

During those sessions, we will cover any problems with the previous assignment, maths prerequisites for future assignments, and go over any additional areas which students request.

If you'd like anything particular to be discussed in more details, please send an email to the TAs in advance of the class (ideally by the end of Wednesday).