Copies should be handed in to one of the TA's pidgeon holes in the Gatsby Unit on the 2nd floor (opposite the IT office)

Please hand in a printed copy and optionally send an electronic version (with code of implementations, if applicable) to the TAs, with subject including "SNTN:". Do not print code/implementations.

Latex/Word typeset handouts are highly encouraged.

For programming tasks Python is recommended; Matlab will be accepted.

Subject Link Due date
Coding, Point Processes, Optimality Asst 1 for Gatsby students
Asst 1 for SWC students
Weds 18 Oct
Sensory Systems Asst 2 for all students
[matrix cheatsheet]
Weds 1 Nov
Population Coding Asst 3 for Gatsby students
Asst 3 for SWC students
Weds 13 Nov
Motor Systems Asst 4 for all students Mon 11 Dec
Reinforcement Learning Asst 5 for SWC students
(No assignment for Gatsby students)
Mon 15 Jan
Biophysics (part 1/2) Asst 6 for Gatsby students
Asst 6 for SWC students
Fri 9 Feb (Gatsby)
Mon 12 Feb (SWC)
Biophysics (part 2/2) Asst 7 for Gatsby students
(No assignment for SWC)
Fri 16 Feb
Networks Asst 8 for Gatsby students
Asst 8 for SWC students
Thurs 8 March (Gatsby)
Mon 5 March (SWC)
Balanced Networks Asst 9 for Gatsby students
(no more homework for SWC students. Hurrah!)
Thurs 30 March