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Lecture notes and other supplementary materials will be uploaded here after each lecture...
Date Subject Lecturer Materials
3 Oct Sensation, Perception, and Inference. Maneesh Sahani perception-slides
6 Oct Point processes Maneesh Sahani pointproc-slides
10 Oct Information Maneesh Sahani info-slides
13 Oct (lecture cancelled)
16 Oct (no lecture scheduled)
20 Oct (lecture cancelled)
24 Oct Olfaction Troy Margrie (no slides)
27 Oct

30 Oct
Population Coding Peter Latham Peter's handwritten notes
See also recommended reading below
7 Nov Representation and Computation with Uncertainty Maneesh Sahani Handout from last year
Slides from last year
10 Nov Audition Nick Lesica Audition slides
14 Nov (Overview Lecture) Control Problems Adam Kampff No slides
28 Nov Hippocampus John O'Keefe Awaiting slides
30 Nov Cortical and Sub-cortical Movement/Posture Control Andy Murray Awaiting slides
05 Dec Innate Behaviour and Animal Learning Yoh Isogai Awaiting slides
Lecture references
08 Dec Learning/RL Peter Latham Legacy lecture slides from Peter D

Extra resources

Population coding

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Legacy lecture slides