Date Subject Lecturer Additional
Oct 4thIntroduction to TNPEL
Oct 7thBiophysics IPEL
Oct 11thBiophysics IIPEL
Oct 14thBiophysics IIIPEL
Oct 18thNo lecture
Oct 21stBiophysics IVPEL
Oct 25thSystems IPD
Oct 28thSystems IIMS
Nov 1stNeural Coding IMS
Nov 4thNeural Coding IIMS
Nov 8thNeural Coding IIIMS
Nov 11thNeural Coding IVMS
Nov 15thNeural Coding VMS
Nov 18thReinforcement Learning 1PDPDF
Nov 22ndReinforcement Learning 2PDPDF
Nov 25thInformation TheoryMS
Nov 29thHebbian LearningPD
Dec 2ndUncertaintyPDPDF
Dec 6thDynamics IPEL
Dec 9thDynamics IIPEL
Dec 13thDynamics IIIPEL
Dec 16thReview



Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, 4th Oct - 20th Dec 2011
Time: 11:00 - 13:00